Charles Edward Russell, Sr.

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Adopted Son in Law of King Atlas, Jr.

  • Born December 3, 1879 in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA
  • Died January 24, 1957 in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA.
Former Slaveowner and Slaveowner Locations
  • Unconfirmed.
  • Parents were found living at Hood Home Plantation after the Civil War, which was owned by Govy Hood. Mother's maiden name may lead to her owner being Oliver Morgan who had business dealings with Hood.
Snippet Genealogy
  • Paternal Grandparents: Reuben Russell and Fannie (Morgan) Russell
  • Maternal Grandparent: LaVinia "Viney" (?) Van Dyke
  • Parents: Jerry Russell and Angeline (Van Dyke) Russell
  • Siblings: Isaac Russell, Shelly Russell, William Russell, Sarah Russell
  • Marriages/Relationships: Nancy Ruth (Marshall) Russell

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