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      Learn about the history of and discover on and offline resources for conducting genealogy research in East Carroll Parish, Louisiana.

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      Information about individuals within the family is often broken down based upon the line they descend from based on the children of King Atlas, Sr.  For more information about them, read the various articles below.

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      The information below comes from more than 30 years worth of genealogy research on the Atlas family of Lake Providence, East Carroll, Louisiana. This information is broken up into family lines corresponding to the following:

      The earliest traceable ancestor of the Atlas family is King Atlas, Sr., who was born between 1809 and 1810 and died between 1891 and 1892.

      The children of King Atlas, Sr. are (in birth order):

      • KING ATLAS, JR., b. Bet. 1833 - 1847, Louisiana or Arkansas; d. June 10, 1919, Lake Providence, LA.
      • JOHN ATLAS, SR., b. Bet. 1843 - 1845, Arkansas or Louisiana; d. December 23, 1924, Lake Providence, LA.
      • WILLIAM STEVEN ATLAS, SR., b. Bet. 1845 - 1847, Arkansas; d. between June and October 1880, Lake Providence, LA.
      • ANDREW ATLAS, b. Bet. January 1849 - 1850, Arkansas or Louisiana; d. December 14, 1923, Lake Providence, LA.
      • SARAH ATLAS, b. 1850, Louisiana; d. Bef. 1905, Lake Providence, LA.

      For frequently asked questions and links to trees and lists, see the links below.

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      Take a trip through time. view the documents related to our ancestors.

      The following are many of the genealogical documents (such as vital records, letters, draft cards, conveyance records, etc.) that have been gathered throughout the years. While this list is not all inclusive, it still provides a glimpse into the lives of the earliest traceable ancestors of the Atlas Family.

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      Throughout researching the genealogy of King Atlas, Sr., the genealogy research team has spent most of their time focused on his direct descendants. During of the course of this research, information has been uncovered about additional branches of the family that are not direct descendants of King, Sr.

      Placed below are documents on these additional branches as well as updated research on them.

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      The following is a collection of newspaper articles, books, and documents that detail the struggles of family members who were integral parts of the American Civil Rights Movement.

      As three sisters were on the front lines of integration activities, their uncle was the subject of persecution for wanting to exercise his legal right to vote.

      While everyone in the family has lead extraordinary lives, the following family members are recognized for their contribution to our family as well as to the history of African Americans.

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