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What is The CoOp?

Written by AtlasFamilyOrg on .

AtlasFamily.Org || The CoOp

Over 200 years ago, our oldest traceable ancestor, King Atlas, Sr., was born.  The world at that time was quite a turbulent place for African Americans.  Our earliest traceable ancestor did not have the same freedoms afforded to him as we have afforded to us.  In order to survive, King, Sr. had a network of people (family and friends) who supported him in his daily life until freedom from slavery became a reality. 

Following emancipation, King, Sr. went on to become a registered voter, an industrious farmer, a tax paying citizen, and ultimately, the progenitor of more than 2,000 people in over 20 US states and several countries worldwide.  When one takes into account the amount of progress his descendants have made in the 200 years since his birth, the story of his life and his legacy is truly one for the record books.  It is also the kind that should be admired, taught, and valued.

Atlas family members reside in over 20 US states and a few countries outside of North America. Each city and country holds a family member that has a unique set of gifts or talents, or maybe even education.  Perhaps it's life experience, or a hobby that they enjoy.  Whatever the case, the amount of knowledge and expertise within each one of those family members in each one of those cities is immense and if utilized, could change an entire generation of people.

The CoOp is a means by which we, as a family, leverage our expertise, talents, and experience to teach and support all generations in the family.  In short, it is the vehicle by which we will share what we know with who we're related to by utilizing our own family network. Access to The CoOp is restricted to verified members of the Atlas family and exists in a password protected area of this website.  For questions, access, or details, please visit Contact Us.