Tools to Find Your East Carroll Ancestors

Online Research


Census Records

The first federal census that was done on the state of Louisiana was in 1810.  Prior territorial census records would cover the area that is now East Carroll Parish.

Death Records

State mandated record keeping of deaths did not happen until 1918, although we have found records before that date in the form of a death certificate.  They are an exception, not the rule.

Maps and Tax Documents

Louisiana State Land Office – Historical Documents has old survey/plat maps of the parish before the Civil War and after. Also contains limited tax payment information.

Marriage Records

Marriage records have been kept since the parish was created in 1832.


A number of newspapers have existed in the parish since it’s creation.  Few early records have survived.

Various Records

Offline Research

Most records available to conducting genealogy research in East Carroll Parish are not available on the internet.  This list is by all means not conclusive, but has a number of the records and repositories we’ve most utilized.

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Pinkston, Georgia Payne Durham. A Place to Remember: East Carroll Parish, LA 1832-1976. Baton Rouge: Claitor’s Publishing Division. Click here to order a copy online.

Birth Certificates

  • For all current birth records (1918 to present) and all current death records (1961 to present), please contact:  Department of Health u0026amp; Hospitals, Office of Vital Records Registry, P.O. Box 60630, New Orleans LA  70160, phone:  504-568-5152 (recorded message), or visit the website at  These records are subject to privacy restrictions and will only released to a verified next of kin.

East Carroll Parish Clerk of Court Office, 400 First Street, Lake Providence, LA 71254

  • Original Copies of civil and criminal court, coroner’s inquests, Land and property (conveyances), marriage certificates, Mortgages, Successions(probates), Tax, wills, and more.Hon. Beatrice Carter and staff are wonderful and can help you get started.  The clerk’s office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm and is closed on major holidays.  Records before 2009 are available in hard copy form while records after 2009 are available via computers set up in the office.  Records for before the parish split (from 1832 to 1877) are available at the East Carroll Clerk of Court.  Copies are $1 per page.


  • Microfilm copies of land and property (Conveyances), marriage certificates, successions(probates), wills.
    You can order it and have it sent to your local family history center.  You do not have to be a member of the Mormon Church to do this.  The cost is approximately $6-$7 per roll.  You can also access this film at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, UT.

Freedmens Bureau Records, Lake Providence Field Office, National Archives and Records Administration (M1905)

These records are key to tracing one’s ancestors immediately following the Civl War and during Reconstruction. Contracts and agreements were established between former slaveowners or landowners and former slaves to ensure that the former slaves or freedman were paid for their work.  Sometimes the freedman stayed at the plantation that they were enslaved on, other times they worked for other former owners or new land owners in the area. Other records include letters and correspondence, applications for rations, lists of indignant people, and more.

Indexes do not exist for most of the rolls of microfilm in this collection.  We have indexed selected records.  For more on the Freedman’s Bureau, please visit the National Archives website.

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Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, LA

  • Microfilm copies of Tax Records, Death Certificates

    Tax records are available for a number of years, even during Reconstruction.  Death certificates are available for deaths that occurred over 50 years ago.  We suggest searching the online index prior to your visit so you can get a lot done while you are there.  Copies are $.50 per page.


  • Microfilm
    Limited copies of the East Carroll Banner Democrat are available outside of the East Carroll Parish Public Library.  For a list, click here.  For a listing of what’s available for the East Carroll Banner Democrat at the East Carroll Parish Public Library, click here.
  • Newspaper Abstract Books by Sandy Guthrie Schmitz

    1. Book I. “Murder, Mayhem, u0026amp; Misc. of Carroll Parish, Louisiana”, is from the years 1866 thru 1876, right after the Civil War. The parish seat was in Floyd until the division of the parish into the ‘East’ and ‘West’ parishes, with the division line being the Macon Bayou in 1877. This book is 308 pages.
    2. Book II. “Murder, Mayhem, u0026amp; Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La. II”. It’s excerpts are from the years 1877 – 1888, over 275 pages.
    3. Book III. “Murder, Mayhem, u0026amp; Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La. III”, excerpts from 1889 – 1891, over 250 pages.
    4. Book IV. It covers 1892 – 1895, and contains 1892 map sections of the town of Lake Providence. The book is 365 pages plus.
    5. Book V.  This book will cover years 1896 thru 1899.
    6. Book VI. “Murder, Mayhem, u0026amp; Misc. of E. Carroll Parish,La. VI” contains 200 pages. It covers 1904 – 1906 and 1918 – 1928, issues during this time period where somewhat scarce.

    These books are available directly from Sandy and have great information.  For more information, please visit her blog.