Sarah Atlas B. and D. Unknown

“Marriage and family status unknown.”
John Atlas, 1985

Research hypothesizes that Sarah Atlas followed the following path:

Carroll Parish Marriage Records, 1870 to 1875, Part One, Page 49 – Richard Henderson to Sarah Allage, June 4, 1870 in Carroll Parish, LA. License received June 6, 1870. Marriage bonded by Hyman Henderson, Witnesses: Reuben Gann, Anderson Phillips, Stephen January. Marriage performed by Jackson J. Williams. Judge, Clerk: RK Anderson

It’s possible that Sarah Atlas was born a slave and died one as well.  Inferences herein are made based off of the East Carroll Parish marriage record for a Sarah Allage, which could have been Sarah Atlas. Additional evidence leading towards Sarah Allage being being Sarah Atlas, daughter of King Atlas, Sr., is the fact that the marriage between Sarah Allage and Richard Henderson was conducted by Rev. Jack Williams who also married the following members of the family: Louis Balfour Atlas, Sr. to Susie Lee, Charles Edward Russell, Sr. to Nancy Ruth Marshall, Thomas Atlas to Mary Wright, Thomas Atlas to Angeline Patrick; Rev. Jack Williams also served as the minister over the funeral of Louis Carson, husband of Caroline Russell Carson. This leads to circumstantial evidence that members of the Atlas family were part of church congregation headed by Rev. Jackson J. (Jack) Williams.

If Sarah Allage is indeed Sarah Atlas, she was born between 1845 and 1855 in Louisiana and died unknown.

The following notations are the locations where Sarah Atlas and her family could have been living in based on census records:

  1. 1870 US Census: Hopewell Plantation, Carroll Parish, LA
  2. 1880 US Census: Bunches Bend, East Carroll Parish, LA
  3. 1900 US Census: Ward 2, East Carroll Parish, LA

Children of Sarah Atlas and Richard Henderson:

  • Mary (born about 1864, died unknown);
  • Hyman (born about 1867, died unknown);
  • Baptiste (born about 1875, died unknown);
  • Squire (born December 25, 1878, died October 13, 1939);
  • Albert (born about 1878, died unknown)
  • Elizabeth (born about 1886, died unknown)
  • Patsy (born about 1886, died unknown)

Research efforts regarding the life of Sarah Atlas are continual.