John Atlas, B. 1843-1845, D. Dec. 23, 1924

John Atlas, Sr. was born between 1843 – 1845 in the United States of America, and died December 23, 1924 in East Carroll Parish, LA from a stroke. He was especially close to his brother King Atlas, Jr. and was said to have worked in the house as a slave because of his small stature. John was a farmer, the first land owner of the earliest traceable ancestors and had $400 worth of real estate as of the 1870 US Census. John was a registered voter.

“Took Sabina as a wife and begot 5 children; John, Ethel, Big Baby, Rachael, Sabina.”
– John Atlas, 1985

John, Sr. owned 80 acres, being lot of south 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 63, Township 21 North, Range 12 East originally purchased from Anna R. Willis on September 13, 1884, although John, Sr. and his family lived on that land as early as 1880 based on parish tax records. Eventually, this land was lost due to back taxes and sold on December 12, 1932 to CB Ellis and his wife ML Levy for a little over $50.00.

The following notations are the locations where John Atlas, Sr. and his family were living based on census and parish tax records:

  1. 1870 US Census: Louisa, Carroll Parish, LA
  2. 1873, Longwood Plantation, Carroll Parish, LA
  3. 1875, Wilson Plantation, Carroll Parish, LA
  4. Bet. 1877 – 1878, Longwood Plantation, East Carroll Parish, LA
  5. 1880, Ward 3, East Carroll Parish, LA
  6. Bet. 1880 – 1909, Winterfield Plantation, East Carroll Parish, LA
  7. 1900 US Census: Ward 3, East Carroll Parish, LA

John, Sr. married Sabina Williams about 1870.

Sabina Williams was born between. January 1848 – 1856 in Louisiana, and died January 03, 1924 in Lake Providence, LA from a stroke. Sabina was a biracial woman whose father, as per census records, her father was born in Scotland, meaning that he may have been her slaveowner or an overseer. She was a housekeeper and also helped on the family farm.

Children of John Atlas, Sr. and Sabina Williams